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custom diamond ring
  1. I have a very large knuckle and my rings don’t fit. Will CliQ® rings work for me?
    Yes! Thanks to Superfit® Technology, CliQ® rings open up completely and close around the base of the finger so they will always fit perfectly, and present beautifully.
  2. How do I know what ring size I need?
    Please use our Jeweler Locator and visit a Superfit® retailer near you. Your jeweler will use an Accusizer to help you determine your ring size. Superfit® Accusizers are also available for purchase on
  3. Can Superfit® Technology be installed in my ring?
    Superfit® Technology can be added to just about any ring. Visit the jeweler locator on to find a fine jeweler near you that can discuss how the process will work for your ring.
  4. Are CliQ rings available in Platinum?
    Absolutely! All Superfit® Products are available in Platinum, as well as 14k + 18k yellow and white gold.
  5. I need a Superfit® on my diamond engagement ring. How safe is it?
    Superfit® was designed with precise engineering to keep your rings safe. When you hear the click of confidence you know your ring is secure.
  6. I lead an active lifestyle. Is CliQ® right for me?
    CliQ® Jewelry is perfect for those who lead active lifestyles and is commonly worn by professional athletes, because it allows you to easily remove your ring no matter how much swelling occurs in the finger.
  7. Does CliQ® Jewelry require any special care?
    Like all fine jewelry your CliQ® Jewelry should be cleaned and inspected by your jeweler every 6 months to ensure longevity.